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A Poker Sharpener license is valid for one year and includes all updates at no additional charge. This means that you will always have the latest version of Poker Sharpener. You will automatically recieve new features, enhancements, and poker site implementations to provide you with the best possible product.

New versions of the software are provided automatically much like the poker sites so that there is no need to continually check our web site and download installation packages.

Once our systems have confirmed payment you will be emailed your license key. This process usually takes just a few minutes. eCheck payments need to be cleared which can take several days, so please choose another payment method (Credit Card) if you require fast delivery.

Third Party Payment Processor

We useas our secure third party payment processor. There is no need to have or create an account. If you want to pay by credit card and the first screen does not ask for credit card information, then look for the link in the bottom left of the next page that looks like this:



License (Per Year) $69 US
New features, fixes, and enhancements FREE
Web based support FREE

Please note: Since you have the opportunity to evaluate this software free of charge, no refunds are provided. Canadian customers customers will be charged 5% GST. (876027962RT)


One license allows you to install and use Poker Sharpener on one desktop machine, and on one laptop provided that it is the same person using both instances and they are not used at the same time.


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