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Poker Sharpener’s online poker odds calculator automatically determines the number of outs you have and calculates your odds of drawing to a better hand in real time as the hand is played. The odds calculator also knows the amount of money in the pot already and how much you would have to call to stay in the hand. It uses this information to calculate what the mathematically acceptable calling price would be for one or more of your available draws.

This takes the guess work out of a very important decision making process. Should you stay in the hand and try to hit your draw or fold the hand without spending any more money? To use this information to its best effect, we recommend that you decide how strong of a hand you think you need in order to win the hand. (Poker Sharpener has other features such as the Heads Up Display (HUD) to help you determine this)

The following screen shot of the odds calculator portion of the Hand monitor shows a real life situation along with the player’s outs, pot odds, and calculated probability to hit specific draws:

Poker Odds Calculator 

Each row in the above grid represents a way you could improve your hand by hitting a draw. The improvements are listed in order of strongest hand to weakest so you can see what the calculated odds are that you will hit that hand or better. Each improvement breaks down your outs and pertinent chance of hitting those outs on subsequent streets and includes the following information:

Hand TypeThe name of the hand you could draw to with one additional card.

This Hand OnlyStatistics related to making the exact hand specified.
-Board OutsThe number of cards remaining in the deck that would give everyone remaining the hand specified using just the community cards.
-OutsThe number of cards remaining in the deck that would give you the hand specified. Board outs are not included in this number.

This Hand or Betterstatistics that related to making the hand specified or a better one.
-OutsThe number of cards remaining in the deck that would give you the hand specified or a better one. Board outs are not included in this number.
-Chance By TurnThe odds of you, but not the board, making this hand or better on the turn. This is not relevant if the turn has already been dealt.
-Chance By RiverThe odds of you, but not the board, making this hand or better on or by the river.
-Pot Odds PriceThe mathematical break-even price point based on the pot odds being offered and the outs available. If you consistently pay less than this amount to stay in the hand, you should make money over the long run. This of course assumes you have correctly determined that the selected hand would win if drawn to. If you consistently pay more, you will likely lose money over the long run. This amount does not include implied odds, nor does it include the possibility of a chopped pot, only an outright win.

Pot Odds

Odds (Pot Odds) – Shows the proportion of the pot that you must call to stay in. It is displayed in the upper right of the hand monitor by your pocket cards. In the case of the example above the pot odds are 17.8%.  Pot odds are important because it tells you how much equity is already in the pot compared to what additional chips you would have to risk to in order to have a chance at winning what has accumulated thus far.

Starting Hand - Odds of winning

Poker Sharpener also provides another type of odds calculation to help you make decisions pre-flop. We ran hand simulations on millions of hands with each possible set of starting cards. This data was used to calculate the odds that the hand you are holding preflop will result in the best hand at the showdown if everyone played the hand to completion. The simulations were done separately for different numbers of players dealt into the hand, and Poker Sharpener will calculate the win percentage for your starting hand based on the number of players at your table during the hand you are in at the time. This can be particularly useful when comparing your pot odds to the odds that your cards will hold up on the river. It is also a nice way to choose which cards to push with when you are heads up in a tournament or sit and go.

Results from the Odds of Winning Simulation

The Odds displayed in Poker Sharpener can be represented as a percentage (25%) or a ratio (3:1) depending on your personal preference.

Further information about the odds calulator along with other useful live game play features click the following link:

Poker Sharpener Live Game Play Features

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