Poker Sharpener - Poker Hand Tracker and Database

Poker Sharpener automatically detects which poker rooms you have installed on your machine and watches for any new Texas Holdem poker tables that you open. When one is detected it will launch a hand monitor for that table and it will track each hand and record details regarding it in a database. It stores everything it can about the hand so you can report on it later and so that various features in Poker sharpener can leverage that information for your benefit.

This information is gathered automatically as you play by the Poker Sharpener Hand Monitor so you don't have to manually import your hand history files. The data collected is stored permanently in a database on your computer. It's a fast and easy way to "Keep Book" on your opponents without distracting you from other aspects of the game that require your concentration.

The hand information in the database is used by Poker Sharpener to provide you with a wide variety of functionality that will help your online poker performance:

Heads Up Display (HUD) 

The Heads Up Display or table overlay uses the stored hand data to place statistics and player profile information on your poker table. You have instant access to information about how your opponent has been playing allowing you to get inside their heads and make solid decisions.

Live Game Play Features

The Poker Sharpener Hand Monitor provides various live game play features that use the data to display things like the recent hands your opponents have played, and live charts that show statistical trending as play progresses at your table. The hand monitor also uses information tracked live during the hand to provide you with a real time Odds Calculator.

Post Game Analysis

Extensive post game features use the data to provide comprehensive reports and charts which allow you to find leaks in your game, evaluate your overall performance, and analyze the play of your opponents.


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