Poker Sharpener - Heads Up Display (HUD)

Poker Sharpener's online poker Heads Up Display (HUD) provides important statistics about the opponents you are playing against by displaying them right on your poker table. Poker Sharpener's Hand Tracking Database functionality automatically observes the hands you play in and stores details about you and your opponents. The HUD then uses that information to display key stats about how your opponents are playing so that you can quickly make decisions based on that information.

The following is an example of a PokerStars table with the HUD enabled. Information about each player is displayed beside them. Near the chip tray you will be shown a box for you own statistics along with one that averages the players left in the hand at that moment:

Poker Heads Up Display (HUD) 

The segment below illustrates the Heads Up Display for a single player at the table:

Online Poker Heads Up Display (HUD) - Poker Stars Stats 

The four numbers that you see represent statistics about that player. What statistics show up in the HUD can be configured and that configuration can be different for Tournament vs. Ring games and Limit vs. Not Limit games. In this example the user has elected to show the following statistics:

-# hands the stats are for, Win% Overall, Win % when they saw the Flop, Win % uncalled

In addition to individual statistics for each player the heads up display will also show you color bars that represent the tightness and aggression of the players at your table. The following legend can be called up at any time by clicking the middle mouse button or by control-left clicking on the poker table. It shows what statistics are configured to be shown in the HUD along with the meaning of the color bars. Once you get to know them you can instantly tell how tight and aggressive your opponents are playing both preflop and post flop. In the sample above the opponent is playing very tight and aggressive preflop and they are playing loose passive post flop. The definition of each color bar is also configurable if you wish to make adjustments.

Online Poker Heads Up Display (HUD) - Legend 

Sometimes the information shown on the poker HUD is enough to make your decision, but at other times you may require more details about the player. Instead of cluttering up the screen with more statistics Poker Sharpener allows you to middle mouse click or control left click on the player at the table to see more details about thier play. The following is a sample popup that shows the details of another player at the table:

Online Poker Heads Up Display (HUD) - Detail Statistics 

Having this type of information one click away for any player at your table allows you to focus on making good decisions instead of attempting to keep track of and profiling the other players in your head.

Poker Sharpener automatically detects what type of table you are playing at and knows the seat configuration for each of the available themes at your poker site. This means that you can switch from a six seat table to a nine seat table, or change your theme and the HUD will show the statistics for each player in the correct place and with a color shceme that is appropriate to the theme you have chosen. Although apsects of the HUD are configurable there is no need to do anything to start using it.

Poker Sharpener's HUD will also show you any cards your opponents mucked at the show down even if they did not choose to flip them up for you to see:

Mucked Cards Popup 

Further information about the Heads Up Display along with other useful live game play features click the following link:

Poker Sharpener Live Game Play Features



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