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Live Game Play Post Game Analysis and Configuration

View real time opponent profiles, and statistics right on the poker screen

View real time opponent muck cards, profiles, and statistics right on the poker screen with the built in Heads Up Display (HUD)

  • Keep informed with informational overlays right on the poker window
  • Instantly see what at the showdown
  • See a visual indication of how tight and aggressive your opponents are both pre and post flop with the provided color bars
  • Choose statistics to show for each player at the table
  • Quickly see the average profile of the players remaining as the hand progresses to make decisions that are extremely relevant to your current table situation
  • Choose the context by which the statistics are gathered including a number of days, a number of hands at the current table, or a threshold at which it should switch between the two (Setting is used for all statistics during live play including pop ups)

Click on the poker table for a legend describing player profiles and overlay statistics
Click on a poker player to pop up detailed statistics of how that opponent is playing 

Click on the poker table to pop up details of how any opponent is playing

  • Use middle mouse button or ctrl-click to click on the poker window
  • Determine how your opponent has been playing, how often they have acted a certain way, if they are tight or aggressive, and what they have done so far this hand before making an important decision
  • View statistics that help determine if your opponents bet is legitimate or could be just another continuation bet or blind theft attempt. Are they likely to fold to your continuation bet or blind theft attempt?
  • Click on any poker player to view detailed statistics indicating how they are playing. Scroll to other players as desired with the wheel mouse or navigation buttons
  • Click on the table overlay to view averaged statistics for all players still in the current hand to make situation relevant decisions
  • Click anywhere else to see a legend indicating what the color bars mean and which statistics you have chosen for the overlay text

Poker odds calculator and Texas holdem hand tracker shows real time pot odds and outs as you play

Formulate the best game play decisions based on context relevant statistics and use the odds calculator to properly evaluate your outs

  • View real time outs, chance to make hands, pot odds, and many other statistics
  • Instantly see your position and adjust your play as it changes throughout the hand
  • Know what the odds are that you will hit a hand that you think will win the pot
  • Easily determine the right price to pay for a draw
  • Always know what reasonable outs are available and the likelihood to hit them including the ability to see the calculated odds to hit a particular hand or better

Quickly determine if your starting hand meets your tightness targets

Use the preflop starting hand selection features to decide which hands to play and how

  • Quickly see how your starting hand ranks compared to the other possibilities, automatically adjusted based on the number of players dealt into the hand
  • Set your desired tightness for each position at the table to instantly get feedback indicating whether your current hand falls within your specified tighness level based on its ranking
  • Easily shift your game to be tighter or looser when the number of players at the table change, your M gets too low, or another situation occurs to warrant an adjustment
  • Automatically see what hand group your starting hand falls within while you play
  • Use the average tightness and aggression of the opponents still in the hand to further refine your decision to play or not play, and if so how

See recent starting hands tracked for each opponent and analyze how they played them

Review your opponents recent starting hands and how they played them

  • View a list of recent starting hands for yourself or an opponent
  • Try to read your opponents starting cards by learning how they played other known starting hands in combination with how tight they are preflop
  • See what types of cards your opponent raises with preflop and which ones they play more passively
  • View a hand history for the hand in question

Track poker table and player statistical trends with configurable live charts
Tracking opponent play changes and trends real time is easy with live charts

Identify table and player trends with configurable live charts

  • Open one or more charts to watch statistical trends as hands are played
  • Identify table or player trends as people at the table adjust their game
  • Easily see how you or others are playing compared to the table or individual opponents
  • Easily keep an eye on your chip stack relative to the blinds in a tournament to help adjust your urgency as the tournament progresses
  • Show multiple statistics for a given player or choose a single statistic and show it for one or more players

Automatically detect and track multiple Texas Holdem poker tables

Automatically monitor and record multiple poker tables simultaneously

  • Let Poker Sharpener automatically detect and monitor real money Texas Holdem poker tables
  • Monitor multiple poker tables at multiple sites simultaneously
  • Poker Sharpener monitors and stores detailed hand information while you play, eliminating the need to import hand histories for monitored hands
  • Monitor a table just before playing to help with table selection

Perform poker opponent statistical comparison and analysis during live poker play

Compare statistics for players at the table with the table summary grid

  • See statistics for all players at the table in one place for comparison
  • Double-Click on the grid to open live charts relevant to the player or statistic you clicked

Choose the context by which statistics are gathered while tracking poker games
Choose a color scheme, and arrange Poker Sharpener windows as you see fit

Customize your poker playing experience with user friendly preferences 

  • Choose normal mode or compact mode for a smaller interface 
  • Leave windows tabbed or dock them as you see fit
  • See odds as ratios or percentages
  • Choose what statistics show in the player overlays
  • Change the color scheme to modify the appearance of the interface
  • Choose the context by which the statistics are gathered including a number of days, a number of hands at the current table, or a threshold at which it should switch between the two (Setting is used for all statistics during live play including pop ups)

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