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Poker Sharpener helps you win more money by providing real time odds calculations, statistics,  and tools to analyze your Texas Holdem game and become a better poker player.

Odds Calculator and Statistics as you play:

  • Formulate the best game play decisions based on context relevant statistics and use the odds calculator to properly evaluate your outs
  • View real time opponent muck cards, profiles, and statistics right on the poker screen with the built in Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Click on the poker table to pop up additional details of how any opponent is playing
  • Use the preflop starting hand selection features to decide which hands to play and how
  • Quickly review your opponents recent starting hands and how they played them
  • Identify table and player trends with configurable live charts
  • Automatically monitor and track multiple poker tables at multiple sites simultaneously

More live game play and hand tracking features ...

Opponent tracking and Hand Analysis:

  • Automatically build a database and keep book on your opponents
  • Evaluate your financial performance over time and find leaks in your game. 
  • Perform in depth analysis of your game play and that of your opponents to adjust for deficiencies and repeat successes
  • Monitor your tournament performance
  • Tweak position, tightness, aggression, and other thresholds
  • Define or adjust your starting hand groups for use during live play and game play reporting
  • See combined results from multiple poker sites by creating a player alias

More post game and configuration features ...

Know your odds, profile and keep statistics on your opponents, and track your hands automatically with Poker Sharpener to increase your profits.

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